• Wes Cormier

2021 Grays Harbor Election Highlights


The City of Aberdeen will likely pick up four (4) of six (6) seats in the wave of change many were hoping for on the council.

The Council Ward 4 Position 7 seat, between Antara Croft and Marissa Aube is going to be a nail-biter. It is too close to call as we expect to see many more ballots arrive in the coming days.

Businesswoman, Debi Ann Pieraccini will likely unseat progressive council-member Alan Richrod. Melvin Taylor will likely retain his seat on the council as a member of the slate of change. Kacey Morrison will be a strong addition to the council. A noteworthy win from David Lawrence who will likely unseat former and controversial County Commissioner turn council-member Frank Gordon. Norman Klein will not likely win his position.

Aberdeen School District

The Aberdeen School District will likely see a new face on the School Board with Annica Mizin, making her political debut coming out strong against Comprehensive Sexual Education and Critical Race Theory. Two topics very familiar to families in Washington State.

Public Education has taken a front row seat in American politics, as the Covid-19 pandemic gave parents a firsthand look at their children's education and instruction.


The City of Montesano will likely see a couple of new faces on the City Council. Conservative candidate Holly Shuck will likely unseat incumbent council member and former radio-guy Ian Cope. Newly appointed Rollin Caryl will likely win a spot on the council. Tyler Trimble will likely retain his seat against business owner, Brooke Chapman-Hoiness.


The City of McCleary will likely see a new Mayor. Chris Miller is easily coasting in his race against against the current Mayor, Brenda Orffer.

Ocean Shores

Notable likely wins in Ocean Shores include Aberdeen Community Development Director, Lisa Scott and well-known businessman Rich Hartman. Mr. Hartman had received numerous endorsements during his campaign from both liberals and conservatives. It will be interesting to see how he governs.

The City of Ocean Shores has seen its share of turmoil and attention over the last few years. New faces and ideas present great opportunities for this sleepy ocean community.

I look forward to seeing what changes may come.

Honorable mentions include: Cody Bridges of Cosmopolis and a nail-biter between Miles Wenzel and Jonathan Bennett. Pat Miller of Elma. Anthony Smith of Oakville. Ryan Cristelli for the Elma School Board. Melissa Huerta, City of Westport. Troy Meyers, City of Westport. Robert Krouse of Fire District 5.

Thank you to those that put forth the effort and ran for elected office.


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