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  • Wes Cormier

All Ages Drag Show: Historical Seaport

The controversy of drag shows as adult entertainment for children is making its rounds throughout the country. The Historic Seaport of Grays Harbor will soon be hosting such an event at their facility. On December 10, 2022 there will be a drag show for all ages at 500 N. Custer St. in Aberdeen.

When most children will be in pajamas brushing their teeth, getting ready for mom or dad to read them a story before bed at 8 pm. The drag show at the Grays Harbor Historical Seaport for all ages will just be starting. Santa Claus will be making an appearance. Now, how he dresses and what pronouns ole Saint Nick uses has yet to be determined.

Children should also consider opening those piggy banks and gathering all of their hard earned George Washington's. The organizers say, "bring your dollar bills for tipping your favorite performer..."

Caesar Hart

The host of the Operation Santa Claus drag show at the Historical Seaport for all ages, appears to be Caesar Hart. According to Caesar's public Facebook profile the entertainer or host is a speaker at the Bureau Program at Humanities Washington and a Social Media and Website Coordinator at Out & Proud Grays Harbor Coalition. Also Caesar has worked at Works at PNW Drag King.

The only business sponsor on the event page is the Steam Donkey Brewing Company of Aberdeen. I left a message with the owner, and I am awaiting a response. I am curious if he understands or realizes the type of event he is supporting. Sometimes businesses are solicited to support good causes, and many small businesses give graciously. However, it might be a case that some very important details were left out. We will see.

One of the volunteers helping Caesar Hart posted a public text message on a public Facebook page that the drag show includes underage child drag performers. (Sunday, November 27th) The message was in response to a person that said it (the drag show), "should be for adults only."

Below are other examples that were deemed as "family friendly" events.

Parents, protect your children from these performances. Children have no business being part of this type of adult entertainment. The culture war continues.

Information and Opinion by Wes Cormier, editor of Grays Harbor Weekly.


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