• Wes Cormier

Antara Croft wants Aberdeen to thrive and prosper again!

If elected to City Council, Antara will always take residents’ concerns into consideration when making decisions that affect the entire community. Whether examining the infrastructure, solving the homeless and drug issues, bringing in businesses or improving our schools, she wants Aberdeen to once again be a shining light and safe community to raise families or retire for generations to come.

Antara has made Aberdeen home since 2014 and works at Assured Home Health as a Home Health Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA), working with local seniors in Aberdeen, Hoquiam and Ocean Shores. Antara has heard many interesting stories of Aberdeen’s lively past and booming years and she appreciates the beauty, location and affordability of Aberdeen. As other co-workers moved away to larger cities, Antara made Aberdeen home and looks forward to serving the community to bring out its full potential.

Prior to moving to Washington State, Antara had 17 years experience in real estate finance, administrative services, information systems analysis, and was owner of a small business in Hamilton, Montana where she established the Lake Como Triathlon. After the downturn of the economy, in 2010, she went back to school in Montana and Spokane and obtained a license as a PTA.

Today, Antara realizes she can no longer assume local or state governments are being served by people who have our best interests at heart. Where we once could go about our business and leave the business of the town to others, Antara finds that our town IS our business and we want it to be prosperous, happy, safe, beautiful, and full of life and cheer. We do not have to put up with what others are creating such as a mecca for drugs and homelessness. We the people are in charge of our town’s destiny and we do not have to succumb to others' relegated ideas. Other States/towns do not have this problem and we do not need to have it either. We the people want a safe and beautiful town to call home.

Vote for Antara for Aberdeen City Council, Ward 4, position 7 and be part of the movement to “Reclaim Our Prosperity”!


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