• Wes Cormier

City of Aberdeen: Gateway Enterprise Center revived?

The proposed 20,000 square foot, $7 million dollar plus boondoggle, called the Gateway Enterprise Center was recently discussed at a City of Aberdeen Council workshop and meeting. It appears that this old plan was dusted off and presented to the council recently.

First, it is important to understand that politicians love projects. It is visual, it implies accomplishment or doing "something" and it takes little energy from the politician. The politician gets to hand off the workload to city staff, sit through a few meetings and virtue-signal - look what I did. The icing on the cake is the photo-op with the hardhat and shovel.

Second, the initial idea of the Gateway Enterprise Center was that it would become a visitor information center, but as the project received criticism it morphed and took on a changing role as a business center of sorts.

Aberdeen is facing a plethora of issues right now. Should a massive, expensive public building that serves no real purpose even be on the top 10 list of objectives for City Officials?

You decide.


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