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  • Nancy Churchill

Civil Rights, Segregation, and Vaccine Apartheid

By Guest Columnist Nancy Churchill

In a stunning turn of events, Governor Inslee and other progressive governors throughout the United States are calling for a return to segregation and reduced civil rights for the “wrong people”. This time, the Democrats are using a new tool to divide the elite ruling class from the unwashed masses. The governor’s new vaccine mandate for health care workers, educators, college students, firefighters and state employees is the beginning of vaccine apartheid.

Back in the 1960s, the Democrats had to be dragged into desegregation by Dr. Martin Luther King and other civil rights heroes. Americans approved of civil liberty and desegregation everywhere. Most of us believed that racism, segregation, and discrimination were relics of a bygone age.

It’s foolish to forget our history. The progressive Democrats have found new tools in their fight to re-create a society where the masses are enslaved by a group of powerful elites. Instead of skin color, the new slave caste is going to be defined by their vaccination status.

What’s going to be the next violation of our civil liberties? I think it will public transportation. Cruises are already requiring vaccinations. If this trend continues, you won’t even be able to get on a public bus or an airplane without proof of vaccination. Forget sitting in the back of the bus, you are not even going to get on the bus! I’ve even seen stories that suggest a vaccination might be required to receive social security. Governor Inslee’s vaccine mandates are a violation of our civil rights. Government agencies like the Department of Health, Department of Licensing, and even the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction are being used to terrorize employers into violating their employee’s civil rights. I have great compassion for our school superintendents, hospital administrators and state agencies. They want to continue to provide great service to our communities. They don’t want medicine, education and government services to be politicized. But Inslee is threatening to withhold their basic funding unless they become part of his “Brown Shirt Brigade”. They’re walking a tightrope of mandates created by an evil governor. God bless them for fighting for their employees’ civil rights and for our community!

No matter what political party you support, it’s time for every American to speak up against the return of segregation, apartheid, and medical slavery. It doesn’t matter what you believe in the great debate about vaccinations. Under the FDA Emergency Use Authorization, the studies on the safety of the COVID-19 vaccinations are scheduled to last more than two years. Under the FDA’s EUA rules, it’s illegal to mandate the use of these experimental vaccinations for any reason.

If your employer tells you “vax or be fired,” the law and your civil rights are being violated. Don’t take any medicine or treatment that is not right for you. Don’t be bullied, and don’t quit. Tough it out, and let your employer terminate you. Organize with others in your workplace, and make a plan to pool resources to hire legal council. If you make it very clear that you will stand up for your civil rights, I believe that your employer will work to honor your decision. To fail to support civil rights is to break the law.

Please write to local employers impacted by the new workplace vaccination mandate like school districts, hospitals, and local government agencies. Ask them to work to provide the necessary vaccination exemption forms to their employees as required by the governor’s proclamation. Support employee rights to ask for and receive a vaccination exemption as required by law. Stand up to support your fellow employees in your work environment. Slavery, segregation, and apartheid are evil, no matter what tool is used to impose it. It’s time to speak up for civil rights and freedom.

Nancy Churchill is the state committeewoman for the Ferry County Republican Party. She may be reached at The opinions expressed in Dangerous Rhetoric are her own.


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