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  • Nancy Churchill

Dr. Fauci’s Evolving Science

By Guest Columnist Nancy Churchill

Thank goodness! America’s leading scientist, Dr. Fauci, let us know this week that science is always evolving. We often hear phrases like “the science is settled,” so it was nice to hear Dr. Fauci confirm that what we learned in science class really is true: science always evolves. You don’t know what you don’t know, so there’s always room in the scientific method to adjust for new data.

This week, new data and Dr. Fauci’s recently released emails reveal we have now gathered a significant amount of evidence to prove our scientific experts were all wrong about best practices for the pandemic response. The most egregious errors involve mask mandates and lockdowns.

We now know that there is a significant and growing amount of evidence that masks don’t work to prevent the spread of respiratory virus. The American Institute for Economic Research ( published an article in February of 2021 titled “Masking: A Careful Review of the Evidence.” The article presents the findings from reviewing many studies, and concludes: “In fact, it is not unreasonable... to conclude that surgical and cloth masks, used as they currently are, have absolutely no impact on controlling the transmission of Covid-19 virus, and current evidence implies that face masks can be actually harmful.“ In other words, masks don’t work and they can cause harm. Good to know. Science is always evolving, right?

Worse yet, we know from Dr. Fauci’s emails that he knew that masks didn’t work! "The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through the material," he said, in one of the emails obtained by BuzzFeed News.

In March of 2021, The American Spectator published an interesting article titled “‘Follow the Science’ With Dr. Fauci.” The subtitle of this article says it all: “His guidance seems more driven by politics than public health.” It appears that Dr. Fauci withheld scientific evidence, used distorted data, and manipulated the media based on the varying winds of political science. He was clearly using his position to serve political goals. That’s NOT how science is supposed to “evolve.”

Then there’s lockdowns. Today’s cutting edge scientific evidence shows lockdowns and social distancing don’t work. This evolving science comes from a study that compared Sweden, with no lockdowns, to other European countries with stringent lockdowns. Additional data against lockdowns comes from observing that states like Texas and Florida didn’t have any worse outcomes than other states with draconian lockdowns.

 Who are you going to believe? “Fibbing Fauci” or the scientific data?

With this evolving scientific data, it’s time for us to review our public health policy decisions and update them. Lockdowns do not stop the virus, but they do create massive economic and social harm. Reopen Washington state, and put the kids back in school. Ditch the masks and forget about social distancing. Simple standard practices like staying home when you are sick and washing your hands often appear to be the most effective ways to prevent transmission of this disease.

The science has evolved and showed us none of the more radical policies worked the way policy makers thought they would in the beginning. Some might even say “Fauci lied, and people died.”

Because of this evolving science, it’s past time for Governor Inslee to end the state of emergency. Is our governor willing to give up his emergency powers and “evolve” with the new scientific evidence? I’m not holding my breath. We the people are going to have to continue to demand that our elected officials and leaders actually follow the science.

I wonder what other science is not settled?

Nancy Churchill is the state committeewoman for the Ferry County Republican Party. She may be reached at The opinions expressed in Dangerous Rhetoric are her own.


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