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Election Filing Face-Offs: Cities

Grays Harbor County Auditor, Joesph MacLean says, "In the wake of 2020, local candidates show no fear as they throw their hat in the ring to run for office. 2021 is ramping up and candidates are getting ready to start campaigning all over the county. In just 5 days the Auditor’s office received 156 filings for 99 offices in all areas of the Harbor. Thirteen offices will appear on the primary ballots in eleven cities, one fire district and one school district. Only voters registered in these districts will receive a primary ballot so be sure to check for your personalized voter information or contact the Auditor’s office for more information."

The positions below include ONLY city face-offs, where two or more individuals vie for a position by earning your vote.

City Council members are local legislators that act on policy and budgets. Whereas, a Mayoral position is the acting city executive, carrying out the policies of the council on a day-to-day basis (usually with the help of a City Manager).


Ward 1 Position 1

Kimberly Strom

Michael Trader

Melvin Taylor

Ward 3 Position 5

Liz Ellis

Norman Klein

Ward 4 Position 7

Marissa Aube

Antara Croft

Rebecca Sanchez

Tara M. Mareth

Ward 5 Position 10

Chelsey Leavenworth

Alan Richrod

Debi Ann Pieraccini

Ward 6 Position 11

Colton A. Gwinn

Frank Gordon

David Lawrence



Ward 2 Position 4

Jim George

Dennis J Carpenter

Ward 4 Position 7

Joseph R. Marchie

Jamie Brand

Gregory Grun



Position 4

Debra Moran

Cody Bridges

Position 5

Miles Wenzel

Jonathan Bennett



Position 1

Pat Miller

Tim Hedgpeth




Jeffrey D. Prowse, "BiG"

Chris Miller

Brenda Orffer

Position 4

Andrea Dahl

Gary Atkins Atkins

Position 5

Deborah Joy Iversen

Jacob Simmons



Position 2

Rollin Caryl

Valerie Jester

Position 3

Holly Shuck

Ian Cope

Position 6

Brooke Chapman-Hoiness

Tyler Trimble __________________________



Anthony Smith

Angelo Cilluffo

Bill Breedlove


Ocean Shores

Position 1

Susan Conniry

Eric Noble

Position 5

Robert M. Doering Jr.

Edgar W Schroll

Lisa Scott

Lorraine Hardin

Patrick Daugherty

Position 7

David Linn

Rich Hartman

Patric Hayes



Position 1

Dennis Hall

Brylie Jarnes

Melissa Huerta

Position 2

Tom Fleckenstein

Brennan Jarnes

Troy Meyers


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