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Gateway Center: A Nicety or Nepotism?

Aberdeen City Council member Dee Ann Shaw who represents the council on the Gateway Committee has some explaining to do. Her husband, John Shaw proposed to the Aberdeen City Council yesterday (06/29/22) that his non-profit is ready to help. Mr. Shaw formed the non-profit, Grays Harbor Historical Alliance two days (06/27/22) prior to the meeting and offered to operate the proposed $16 million dollar - 20,000 square foot public building with his new endeavor. Mr. Shaw inferred it would be a favor of sorts to the city by alleviating city staff time. John Shaw is the registered agent of the new non-profit, which was filed on 06/27/2022, according to the Secretary of States Office.

The purpose of the new non-profit is remarkably similar to what the Gateway Enterprise Center's next steps are. The Purpose of Grays Harbor Historical Alliance in part is, "To create an active hub, facility, and funding to benefit Grays Harbors historical and cultural organizations." It appears former council member Alan Richrod wasn't convincing enough in an email exchange with Council member Shaw a year ago. In the email exchange between the council members, Richrod said, ""What about the idea of making the Gateway Center the new City Hall? Before you say no, hear me out."

Former Council member Richrod went on to further explain to Council member Shaw that, "We are all worried about how we will get the Gateway Center to pay for itself." The 20,000 square foot, 16 million dollar building will be a "grand welcome to the city" according to the former council member. He said, "I know others on the Council would support exploring the idea." Did Council member Shaw share or encourage this idea with other council members and city staff as the Gateway committee person? More on this later. Was the Shaw's intention to run the $16 million dollar, 20,000 square foot public building with their newly created non-profit a nicety or nepotism? You decide.

------------------------------- Source: Courtesy of KXRO -

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