• Wes Cormier

Grays Harbor Judges Mandate Vaccines

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During a meeting of the Grays Harbor County Commissioners a respectful but contentious topic was discussed between the Commissioners and the Superior Court Judges. Presiding Judge Edwards issued a general order mandating all employees of the Court and Juvenile Detention be fully vaccinated by October 22 or they will no longer be employed. On one side, you have Commissioner Pine and Warne having strong held beliefs about medical freedom, expressing their positions against mandatory vaccines and on the other side, Judge Edwards and Svoboda supporting vaccine mandates for Court and Juvenile Detention employees due to Covid-19.

Commissioner Raines took the position that the Commission had no authority over the request to hire three positions (that may be on the chopping block) because they (commissioners) are the legislative body.

A County Commission is not only the county legislative body, but they also act as the County Administrators. The County Commissioners negotiate all five (5) union contracts for all 350 plus county employees. They write and implement administrative policy and have purview over the Human Resources department for all county employees. During the Covid-19 declared emergency they (Commissioners) act as the Board of Health, setting policy and guidance with their appointed Health Officer for the county on all-things pandemic. WFSE, the state's largest union, initially filed a lawsuit against Governor Inslee's vaccine mandate. However, WFSE later negotiated a tentative Vaccine Agreement with the state in a compromise. At this time, Grays Harbor Weekly is looking into whether or not the new county mandates were negotiated or discussed with AFSCME local 0275-0 Courthouse Contract Union Members.

The full video can be found here at the 9/14/2021 meeting (1.2 GB)


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