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  • Wes Cormier

Heavy-Hitter Enters Political Arena

Holly Shuck announces her candidacy for the City Council of Montesano.

"I’ve lived in many different communities across the nation,” said Shuck.

“Montesano is by far, the smallest and most remarkable city I have ever lived in. I want to do my part to make sure we protect the character of Montesano. I also want to improve local shopping options, maintain a high level of public safety, make sure our young people have job opportunities, and make Montesano a more affordable place to live.

Holly Shuck’s focus on community safety was heightened a couple of years ago when her adult daughter was the target of an attempted kidnapping near McBryde Avenue and Church Street. Good police work, cooperative businesses with security cameras, and a detailed description helped identify the suspect vehicle, leading to an arrest.

Holly’s daughter fought off her attacker and drew the attention of neighborhood residents. She escaped without being forced into the suspect’s vehicle.

Later, a judge convicted the attacker of a lesser crime, resulting in a public outcry and a motion for reconsideration from the county prosecutor. The judge reconsidered and later ruled for a conviction and longer sentence.

"My daughter fought for her safety but it became apparent that I needed to come beside her and fight for justice.”

“Public safety comes from a team effort,” said Holly. “Police, prosecutors, judges, and the community all play an important role. I learned first-hand that we must make sure that each specific part of the system is working.”

Holly values a community who works together to build a place where all people are valued, and each person has his/her ideas and concerns taken into consideration.

“We’re too divided as a society,” Holly said. “We need to be careful that people of differing views can still communicate with each other, respect those differences, and live in peace. Differences don’t need to lead to hatred and disrespect."

Holly’s run for City Council will be centered around taking the already amazing city of Montesano and making it MORE livable, MORE affordable, and MORE workable. “Our oldest son and his family just moved across the country in pursuit of a career and affordable housing, said Shuck. “We need to do our best to have more area jobs and affordable housing so our young people can afford to raise their families here.”

Holly Shuck is currently working toward her Veterinary Technician’s license while employed at Grays Harbor Veterinary Services in Montesano. She spends her weekdays involved in the multi-faceted realm of animal care, including caring for the orphaned and injured wildlife through volunteering with Twin Harbors Wildlife Center. In her spare time, Holly writes quarterly articles for an airplane publication and has written for other publications including The Daily World. She also teaches a youth group class every Wednesday night at her local church and is the current Secretary for OPAC, a group that is working toward making more of the area's gorgeous woodlands accessible for recreational use.

Holly’s husband Travis is a pastor at Calvary Chapel in Montesano and works for LeMay Enterprises. Daughter AnnMarie (24) works for the Sheriff’s Department. Son Mason (22) and his family recently moved to New York. Son Clayton (20) works for R L Smith Logging near Elma. Son Martin (18) works for Stangland Septic Service in Central Park.

About the campaign, Shuck stated "I'm looking forward to an energetic communication effort in this campaign and after the election."


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