• Nancy Churchill

Live not by lies: Biden’s war on women

This week, the Biden administration quietly released proposed revisions to Title IX rules in an end run around Congress. There will now be a 60-day period for the public to comment on these rules. What’s going on with Title IX?

The great Russian writer and dissident, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, in his writings about totalitarianism said the first step to psychological and moral hell was “to lie knowingly”. Solzhenitsyn argued therefore that the primary moral responsibility of every human is to refuse to lie, to listen to lies, or to affirm known lies. In essence, health and well being depends upon telling the truth.

Yet at work, at schools and in the public square “the authorities” are desperately trying to convince us something everyone knows is a lie: that gender-dysphoric people, thru medical interventions and drugs, can become something they are not. The cruel and unethical hoax is being promoted in our society everyday, with many of our children undergoing experimental and permanent treatments that will scar them forever.

The University of Pennsylvania has just recognized a biological male as “female athlete of the year”. USA Today named the transgender Biden official who is assistant secretary of health“woman of the year”. Oh, the irony. As the Federalist said, “Everybody Knows Rachael Levine is truly a man, including Rachael Levine”.

Transgenderism is an all-out war on families, girls, women and women’s rights.

Title IX Revisions from the Biden Administration

The first part of the proposed Title IX revisions creates the framework for recognizing gender identity in schools. If approved, federal funding for your school is at risk if the school fails to conform to the demands of transgender activists. This change will destroy the ability of your local school board, administration, and teachers to protect your students from transgenderism, unless they are willing to give up federal funding. Can your school survive without federal funds?

The group “Parents Defending Education” has put together a simple overview of the problems caused when the concept of “gender identity” is added to the Title IX rules. If implemented, rather than focusing on providing education, schools will have to focus on figuring out every student’s gender identity, or they could be sued for sexual harassment. These rules will impact all school sports, bathrooms and locker rooms, sex education, field trips, overnight stays and gender pronouns. Regarding the use of pronouns, “Schools will be forced to apply sexual harassment disciplinary procedures against students and teachers who ‘misgender’ another student or teacher—that is, fail to use the gender pronoun that person prefers.

This part of the rule would require schools to ask students to state their preferred gender pronoun, introducing the false idea that gender dysphoria is normal and common. And the rule poses serious free speech and compelled speech problems: Every child has the right to free speech, to either speak or not speak or to affirm or not affirm messages or ideas, depending on their beliefs or conscience.”

The next section of the Title IX revisions destroys due process protections for students or others accused of sexual harassment or other heinous crimes on any educational campus.

The Gateway Pundit summarizes, “The new rules would roll back constitutional protections for students accused of heinous crimes, including the right to a live hearing to cross-examine their accuser and the witnesses against them. The new rules would allow a ‘single investigator’ model that allows a single person to act as investigator, judge, jury, and executioner.

This revision would also prevent accused students from learning the evidence against them, such as what the accuser and witnesses are explicitly accusing them of doing. It would also allow schools to keep individual testimonies hidden, making it nearly impossible for wrongly accused students to file a lawsuit to protect their civil rights.“ If you wonder what impact this section of the rules would really have, please take a look at the work of Bettina Arndt in Australia, on her web page titled “Closing down campus kangaroo courts”. She’s spent decades fighting for the civil rights of boys, husbands and men wrongly accused of sexual violence.

The proposed revisions will destroy public education

In short, the Biden revisions are toxic and harmful to our students, educational institutions and our society. Anything based on the lie of “gender identity” should be fought by the American public at local, state, and federal levels.

Get in the fight for women’s rights by commenting on these proposed rules. Use the easy form at the Parents Defending Education site, but please write your own personal letter—that’s much more powerful than letters that are obviously duplicates. Your comments should be short, simple, and focused on the rule.

Will the parents of American children stand up to this totalitarian evil? “A nation that sacrifices its children does not deserve to survive. Will ours?”.

Nancy Churchill is the state committeewoman for the Ferry County Republican Party. She may be reached at The opinions expressed in Dangerous Rhetoric are her own.



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