• Wes Cormier

Montesano: A Winning Slate

From left to right: Rollin Caryl, Holly Shuck, Brooke Hoiness

There are three people running for the Montesano City Council that should have your attention.

Rollin Caryl is an even keeled person that has a significant amount of experience. He was recently appointed by his peers on the Montesano City Council. He is a family man and would make a great addition to the council.

Holly Shuck is passionate and someone you can count on to fight for your family, law and justice. She works at Grays Harbor Veterinary Services in Montesano and her husband is a pastor at Calvary Chapel in Montesano and works for LeMay Enterprises. She is a mom, grandmother and will bring a much needed conservative perspective to the council. See her bio here.

Brooke Hoiness is a business owner and a football mom. She and her husband own a very successful business in downtown Montesano called Pub Monte. Despite the lock-downs that have plagued businesses throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Pub Monte thrives. She currently sits on the Board for the Montesano Chamber of Commerce and chairs the Festival of Lights event. Montesano needs a smart and savvy business owner on the council. Brooke is that choice!

However, on the council there appears to be an abdication of responsibility. The Mayor and Council have delegated the responsibility of negotiating union wages and contracts with their city employees to a Seattle attorney. This move has costed the city tens-of-thousands of dollars.

The current City Council has also collected a household tax for the last 8 months with the intention to hire another Fire Fighter, yet the position remains empty.

Montesano City Council member and former County Commissioner Dan Wood outlines his support of these candidates over his seatmates on the council.

Rolli Caryl, Holly Shuck, and Brooke Hoiness would have voted to ask taxpayers to support the fire department instead of taxing them without notice. They also would have joined Wood in supporting transparent council meetings, opposing the regulations on homes and businesses, and moving quickly on the emergency generator.

In his short time on the Council, Caryl has joined Wood in trying to get the generator quickly and getting a rebate to water utility ratepayers. Trimble and Cope have either delayed or opposed all of those efforts.

Governments work best when they work for you, not against you. There is a clear choice on the council. Rollin Caryl, Holly Shuck and Brooke Hoiness is a winning slate.


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