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  • Nancy Churchill

On the Front Lines of Freedom

By Guest Columnist Nancy Churchill

I’ve taken a large number of calls and messages this week regarding Governor Inslee’s Vaccine Mandate. Most of the people contacting me are hardworking people who have never paid much attention to politics.

These people, who have served our community without causing any “super spreader” problems, are upset, worried and scared. They don’t want to be forced into a medical treatment and they don’t want to lose their jobs.

Some have asked me, “Why don’t our legislators do something? Why are they not fighting the governor? Why have they not called a special session?” These questions illustrate why every American needs to understand how their government works.

Our state government is primarily held by Democrats. Please don’t call your Republican Senator or Representative and yell at them; they fought hard to protect us during the last session. The progressive majority decides what bills will be addressed… progressive ones only. Republican amendment after amendment was voted down on party lines during the last session. No efforts were made to address Republican concerns. It’s not your Republican legislator’s fault… believe me, they fought hard for you.

The next question was about taking legal action, so I sought legal council. The private advice I received from a very reputable source was to save my money. Some of the exemption forms rolled out by various state agencies are clearly and shockingly illegal, but for the most part these cases won’t win in WA State. The courts have been corrupted. Don’t count on them.

Our schools, hospital workers, EMTs and state workers face a patchwork of forms. Each employer is required to figure out a process for granting exemptions. Some employers respect their staffs and their right to request an exemption. Others may create “reasonable accommodations” that will be difficult to comply with.

Federal employees may be hit even harder than state employees. Yes, federal employers can grant exemptions, but the federal “reasonable accommodation” is hardly reasonable! Who can afford a twice-a- week COVID test at his or her own expense? It’s not illegal to require such a burden, but it is wrong. Federal employees are being forced to choose between their health freedom or supporting their families.

Every employee impacted by this vaccination mandate may have to make a very difficult choice - medical freedom or employment.

I’m sure you’re surprised to suddenly find yourself and your family on the front lines of the war against the Constitution and the rule of law. I encourage you to band together with others in your workplace to support everyone’s right to freely choose a health treatment. If you have a union, it’s time for the union to begin fighting for your rights! Ask your union for help!

It’s wrong to use the power of the government to force people to make a medical decision. It’s apartheid in action if unvaccinated employees are discriminated against on the job, even after receiving an exemption.

Stay on the job. Tough out the uncertainty and the bullying and do not quit. You may not have much of a legal case, but you definitely don’t have one if you quit. Let them fire you. Carefully document any on-the-job harassment on the mandate. Let the pressure from others strengthen your resolve.

Be prepared to find a new job. There are many unfilled positions out there. These employers will be so happy to have you. Maybe God is opening a door for you to take a new and better opportunity.

If we “hold the line”, the governor has two choices. He’s either going to “blink” on his hard line mandate, or he’ll choose to crash the entire state government and health care when 30% to 50% of those affected employees are forced to leave the job in mid-October. This includes health care services, EMS, fire departments, corrections departments, state troopers, WSDOT ferry services, and more. There are no easy answers. Resist the mandate.

Nancy Churchill is the state committeewoman for the Ferry County Republican Party. She may be reached at The opinions expressed in Dangerous Rhetoric are her own.


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