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  • Nancy Churchill

Parallel Tracks

By Guest Columnist Nancy Churchill

I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to travel all around Washington over the last month. Everywhere I go every day Republicans are asking these questions: What’s the path forward? How do we regain control over our government? How to Republicans win in Washington state?

On one hand we have the issue of election integrity. Based on what we can observe in other states it seems likely that we also have election fraud happening in Washington state. On the other hand, there is enormous concern that Republicans need to stop attacking other Republicans. Compared to our political opponents, Republicans are an independent and undisciplined group. Whenever we attack another Republican, we reduce our chances of winning elections.

There’s also polling data available that shows that candidates who focus on election integrity lose credibility with the voters. However, I know from talking to the people I meet that there is great grassroots concern about election integrity.

You want your vote to count. You do not want people to vote who don’t have the right to vote. You want existing laws about voting to be followed. The more news we hear about fraud in other states, the more concerned we become about local election integrity.

I believe that Republicans statewide, must pursue a parallel track of objectives. On one track, we must face the future and work hard to elect strong conservatives who represent our communities to public office. If you care about your school board and your city Council, if you want conservative voices representing you, you need to research your local candidates and do what you can to help the best and brightest of them win their races.

If you care about the people that represent us in the state legislature or in the “other Washington,” it is not too early to be thinking about congressional and state legislative races. Now is the time to find great candidates and help them anyway you can. Candidates don’t just need money, they need volunteers—a lot of them. They need people who will go put up signs on a hot summer afternoon. They need people who will visit their neighbors to talk about the issues. They need you, the every-day citizen, to get educated and become involved in keeping this republic.

On the other track, our county Republican committees must work hard to uncover any potential election fraud. Is there election fraud in WA State? We don’t know yet. But this is a bipartisan issue. Every voter deserves to have a voice in our government. Fraud cancels out your voice.

Looking into election integrity is NOT a witch hunt, it’s an opportunity to restore faith in our election system. If there’s NO fraud, then we need to know that. And if there IS a problem, we need to know that, so we can fix the problem.

In an age where it’s obvious our most trusted institutions are manipulating data and obscuring the truth, we need to put in extra effort to discover the truth about election integrity. This is a great job for the volunteers in each county party. If you’re concerned about election integrity, and you want to discover for yourself if there’s a problem in your county, it’s time for you to get involved in your local GOP committee. Almost every county committee in Washington state has an election integrity committee, and it could use some helpers. It should be easy to vote, and hard to cheat.

I hope you’ll get involved in politics starting today. Our country is at stake. We must activate many people to help our great candidates and to research our election system to make sure that we never have another “stolen election”, regardless of whether you believe it was the 2016 or the 2020 election that falls into the category of “stolen”.

It’s your republic. Will you keep it? The time to take action is now.

Nancy Churchill is the state committeewoman for the Ferry County Republican Party. She may be reached at The opinions expressed in Dangerous Rhetoric are her own.


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