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  • Wes Cormier

Rehab or Relapse?

An Aberdeen Methadone clinic now offers another option. Relapse.

Many former addicts are currently receiving methadone treatment and rehabilitation at a clinic at 516 East 1st street in Aberdeen. However, there is a new tenant located at this same location, Willapa Behavioral Health.

Why is this significant?

Because Willapa Behavioral Health is now providing drug paraphernalia through the Syringe Exchange Program (SEP) at the same location as a drug treatment facility. They are giving out taxpayer funded needles to individuals that use illicit drugs in the same place that people are trying to stay clean and get treatment.

The chances of someone in treatment running into former dealers, heroin users or people they have tried to stay away from in the drug scene is now far more likely.

The Syringe Exchange Program (SEP) has been discussed, debated and tried since 2004. Two new County Commissioners that were adamantly against the SEP during their respective campaigns were recently elected by large margins. As newly elected leaders, they didn't waste any time ending the county's part in the distribution of illicit drug paraphernalia (SEP). Unfortunately, Willapa Behavioral Health has continued this practice alone.

A local group, Save Our Aberdeen Please (SOAP) is determined to stop the hypocrisy. They are a diligent group of individuals that were recently seen outside the location on May 20th holding signs. This group of volunteers have given countless hours, cleaning the streets of Aberdeen. They have met with local elected officials about the issue of addiction and homelessness. Some have even filed to run for City Council. None of your hard earned taxpayer dollars were used in their efforts.

Will we see more rehab or relapse? Time will tell.


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