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  • Nancy Churchill

Reopen Washington

By Guest Columnist Nancy Churchill

As we approach the one-year anniversary of “14 Days to Slow the Spread,” a new optimism is sweeping through Washington state. Death rates for the new virus are similar to the old, familiar seasonal flu. In an unexpected blessing, seasonal flu has all but disappeared!

The new virus, while dangerous to older populations and those with other serious health problems, is not very dangerous to the majority of our citizens. Effective vaccinations are being rolled out in communities all across Washington, reducing the health danger for the most vulnerable. Businesses have implemented effective health strategies to reduce the danger even more. It’s time to fully reopen Washington state, and return to our normal lives.

Washington state businesses have proven they can effectively implement public safety recommendations that protect the health of their customers. Airlines, which are the most enclosed and crowded public business environments in the country, are operating safely and effectively at nearly full capacity. The new airplane cleaning standards, which do increase the time needed to clean an airplane, have improved the health and safety of all of the passengers. Every traveler and every airline employee benefits when the airplanes are deep cleaned!

Box stores like Costco and Walmart are also success stories. If airlines and big box stores are able to operate safely, then every other business in Washington state can also operate safely. In addition, other states are also open for business, with no negative health impacts on their populations.

The lockdown restrictions in Washington should be lifted and reasonable health guidelines allowed. This is the right approach to re-opening our state’s businesses safely.

Restore Washington (see is a group of business owners who are tired of waiting for Governor Inslee to allow them to exist. They’re planning a statewide business reopening on Feb. 26.

Spring will come early to communities all over our state, as participating restaurants, bars, gyms and shops reopen fully. These business owners believe they have the right to safely operate their essential businesses, which benefit the economy by providing gainful employment and many valuable services.

Businesses that want to participate in this massive civil disobedience movement can become members of the new RW Business Association. RW Business Association is offering Washington businesses that have suffered the most financial hardship by Governor Inslee’s ongoing lockdowns a business membership at no charge for 2021.

Once a member, these businesses are under the umbrella of the RW Business Association and can be legally represented by the association should any legal action be taken. Restaurants, bars, fitness centers and theaters are encouraged to join the Reopen movement. RW Business Association has one of the best attorneys in the business on retainer and COULD file a Temporary Restraining Order against L&I the minute one of their members are contacted, harassed, cited or fines imposed under a COVID-19 work safety-related violation.

Here’s the three-step suggested plan from Restore Washington:

  1. Go to and sign up for the "Inslee Disaster Relief Free 2021 Membership," under plans at

  2. Be prepared to open on Feb. 26. Check your OPEN sign to make sure it still works. Encourage other restaurants and businesses in the area to do the same!

  3. Open on Feb. 26 with a "Grand Re-Opening” theme, hit the ground running and never look back. Most of all, “Just Say No to Jay Inslee!” Use your best judgment as to occupancy, with the safety of your customers and staff in mind. Encourage ill employees to stay home. More information is available on the CDC webpage:

Restore Washington and RW Business Association are coordinating this effort. They believe the time is right for civil disobedience. Visit their websites for more information.

If airlines and big box stores can operate safely, small businesses can, too! Feb. 26 is the time for a safe 100% reopening of our community! There’s strength in numbers. All of our local small businesses are essential. I encourage our local businesses to join the RW Business Association. And when you eat out, exercise or shop, please support your local businesses when they participate in the Grand Washington State Re-Opening on Feb. 26!

Nancy Churchill is the state committeewoman for the Ferry County Republican Party. She may be reached at The opinions expressed in Dangerous Rhetoric are her own.


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