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  • Nancy Churchill

Stop Asking Me That

By Guest Columnist Nancy Churchill

It has become the fashion for people in our town to start conversations with the question “Have you gotten your vaccine yet?” It’s happened to me several times in the last week, and I’m always a bit stunned by the question. You can stop asking me that.

It’s none of your business.

There. I said it. I’m a very private person and my health care is not your business.

I only share my medical history with my health care provider. My health care provider is required by law to protect my privacy. I have no duty or obligation to disclose my vaccination status to you or anyone else. I have no obligation to disclose the reasons for the health care choices I make. You do NOT have a right to know this information.

Anyone who asks such personal questions in a non-medical environment, like at local meetings, restaurants, or on the street, has forgotten their basic good manners. You’re being rude. Cut it out. Just stop.

People have many reasons for their health care decisions. Since we have been granted individual sovereignty by God Almighty, each of us will have to choose our own path to wellness. Stop trying to shame, blame, and divide the community into right-choosers and wrong-choosers. I trust you to make the right decisions for your health care, and I expect you to respect my personal choices in return.

It’s time for our community to pull together during this challenging time. We need to have compassion for those who make different choices than we might make. We can ask people caring questions like “How have you been,” “How is your family,” and “Is there anything I can do to help you out?” Support those who are sick to the best of your ability, love on those who have lost loved ones, and be the most loving person you can be to everyone you meet.

Practice the serenity prayer. Accept the things you cannot change—other people. Change the things you can—that means you. Personal choice is where you have personal power. When you take responsibility for your own choices and let go of the choices of others, then you will find peace.

What can you do to improve your own health? Eat right. Exercise. Wash your hands. Take vitamins. Are you overweight? If so, you are in serious danger, so focus on losing some weight. We want you to be here for a long time. Are you diabetic? That’s even more dangerous. Lose weight and control your blood glucose. We care about you, but you’re the one in charge of you. Take responsibility for your personal health choices.

You have your hands full managing your own health, so you have permission to stop worrying about mine. 

It’s like the old airplane rule; put on your own mask before helping others. If we are each responsible for our own personal health, the entire community will become healthier.

Finally, love on each person you meet as much as you can, because love is healing and fear is killing you.

Nancy Churchill is the state committeewoman for the Ferry County Republican Party. She may be reached at The opinions expressed in Dangerous Rhetoric are her own.


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