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  • Nancy Churchill

The Bio-Fascist War against the Unvaccinated

By Guest Columnist Nancy Churchill

It’s time for us to discuss the problems caused by the Democratic party’s new bio-fascist war against unvaccinated citizens. In the blink of an eye, the party of “health care is a human right” has morphed into “no health care for the unvaxxed!”

Local Democratic leaders sing the praises of socialism as a proper counterbalance to the “evils” of capitalism, while their state and national leaders declare an evil jihad on millions of unvaccinated Americans. (Unvaccinated illegal aliens have nothing to worry about—but that’s because they’re expected to vote for Democrats).

How can anyone possibly justify continued support of a political party that is so immoral and sociopathic to suggest denying health care to those who disagree with them? How is it possible to support a political group that celebrates the unfortunate deaths of their political opponents from COVID?

How can you support a political regime that has lied to you over and over again—claiming that if you’ll just get vaccinated, you’ll be protected, you’ll be able to take that mask off, life will be normal again—only to claim months later that the “real” problem is the people who are unvaccinated? Isn’t the real problem that the vaccinations are ineffective in preventing the COVID infections? In fact, the vaccinations are so ineffective that the CDC changed the definition of “vaccination” in an effort to cover up the problems with breakthrough illnesses. (

I suggest those tempted to jump onto the “blame the unvaxxed” band wagon pause to think this through very carefully. You might want to reconsider your calls for action against the unvaccinated, because if political winds change, the shoe might suddenly be on the other foot. The precedent set this year, might be a very unfortunate one to have to abide by in the future.

In an article titled As a doctor, here’s my message to anyone who thinks it’s OK to deny medical treatment to those unvaccinated against Covid ( ) R.M. Huffman makes the following points:

“...The disease burden of the Western world is largely predicated on bad patient habits, mainly tobacco use, alcohol abuse, and caloric overconsumption and sedentary lifestyle leading to widespread obesity (with a rate in the US of 42% and climbing). These cost the taxpayer hundreds of billions of dollars yearly, soaking up enormous resources, and—if the habits aren’t changed—will ultimately render care futile, to be temporizing measures at best.”

“One might counter that these behaviors don’t affect others, unlike failing to protect against a communicable disease. Ignoring the fact that COVID vaccines are non-sterilizing and aren’t proof against transmission: will we apply that standard to gay men with AIDS? To intravenous drug users with hepatitis C? To sex workers with STDs? To drunk drivers who cause fatal car wrecks? Once medical caregivers declare themselves arbiters of who deserves treatment, there exists no principle that limits such self-appointment to ‘but only unvaccinated COVID patients, and just for now.’ It’s a horrifying prospect.”

What if the next public health proposal is to mandate automatic calorie restriction and portion control for anyone with a BMI of 30 or higher? What if they decide to require proof of monthly weight loss as documented by a “weight loss passport” in order to retain driving rights? Perhaps the grocery stores will be asked to monitor the purchases of the obese, and refuse to sell them certain items? Perhaps “health camps” will be created where these individual can serve society with hard work and a restricted diet. “Arbeit macht frei,” right?

If you think that these “health camp” medical recommendations are a bit over the top, just search for articles on COVID Camps in Australia. These evil ideas are already being put into place there. We must push back against those who so glibly threaten to mandate the health care choices of others. Otherwise, a health camp may be in your future… for pandemic control, of course.

Before you cheer for the idea of withholding health care from populations you currently disagree with, you might consider how well you would like it if you suddenly became “undeserving” of healthcare. It’s time to dispute this nonsense before these medical fascists murder anyone who disagrees with them. To fight the new war of bio-fascism, we must boldly push back against these evil ideas.

Nancy Churchill is the state committeewoman for the Ferry County Republican Party. She may be reached at The opinions expressed in Dangerous Rhetoric are her own.


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