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  • Nancy Churchill

The Destruction of Local Law Enforcement

By Guest Columnist Nancy Churchill

When the WA State Legislature convened for the 2020-21 session, the progressive left held a supermajority. The balance of power in the House was 57-41, and in the Senate was 27-20.

The result was a massive onslaught of bills that were designed to completely destroy effective local law enforcement. The radical progressive CHAZ (“Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone”)/CHOP (“Capitol Hill Occupied Protest”) supporting Seattle democrats are imposing their disastrous and dangerous law enforcement ideas on the rest of WA state… whether we like it or not.

If a law enforcement bill made it out of committee, it was pretty much a done deal… and 32 of them were passed. Because of the progressive supermajority, most of the tempering amendments offered by Republicans went down in flames. It was a clever and devastating attack on the powers of local law enforcement and the rule of law.

Now, local law enforcement departments in every Washington county and jurisdiction are being entrapped in the spider web of the Revised Code of Washington, with changes mandated and orchestrated by progressive liberals who hate local control. It’s not enough to destroy the rule of law in the urban communities; they’re going to destroy it in every community.

Are you worried because your small town force is chronically understaffed? 
Senate Bill 5051 on Decertification and House Bill 1257 on the Criminal Justice Training Commission (CJTC), just made it even more difficult to keep staffing levels up.

Right now, certification of peace officers rests in the hands of the local community. The new system outlined by SB 5051 will allow someone to complain about an officer to the CJTC and an independent commission (created by a different bill, HB 1267). While a complaint is being investigated, the officer can’t work, but must be paid. The local jurisdiction can’t fire him or her, but won’t have funds to hire a replacement. The commission has no local accountability to investigate the complaint in a timely manner. A delay in an investigation could cripple a small force.

In HB 1257, the Criminal Justice Training Commission is reorganized. The CJTC is currently composed of 16 people—chiefs, sheriffs, law enforcement professionals. Now it will be increased to 21 members, and the governor will be able to appoint members—political people who don’t do law enforcement. The powers of the CJTC are also broadened. There’s no limit on how long they can suspend certification while they do an investigation.

These two bills are just the tip of the spear created to destroy your friendly local law enforcement department. You see, the progressive goal is to destroy or neuter local law enforcement, and replace it with a federal force. Can you imagine our country with a force managed by the current politicized FBI?

Do you want a Seattle-style law enforcement nightmare? It’s time to get to know your local sheriff and police chief. Find out what you can do to help them push back against this tsunami of legalized lawlessness heading to your home town. What can you do to push back against the leviathan of progressive laws and regulations?

Build relationships with your local law enforcement officers and county commissioners. Find out first hand what worries them the most. Get involved in politics at the STATE and LOCAL level. Support good local candidates with your money, time, energy.

To increase your influence, support good conservative candidates in urban areas where we have a chance to flip a seat from blue to red. We MUST help our conservative friends in Washington’s urban areas take back their legislative districts. The progressives are destroying our cities and our state. We need a Red Wave in 2022… and with your help, we can make it happen.

Conservatives support the rule of law. Unlike BLM and Antifa violent extremists, we’re law followers. We must develop our skills so we can impact the law as it’s being created. Don’t give up. Get angry and get involved. It’s time to discover your political power.

Nancy Churchill is the state committeewoman for the Ferry County Republican Party. She may be reached at The opinions expressed in Dangerous Rhetoric are her own.


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