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  • Nancy Churchill

The Drive to Normalize Pedophilia

Children should be protected from all forms of child abuse, including pedophilia. Sadly, families may suffer from generational patterns of abuse because young parents may not understand that behavior they grew up with might qualify as abusive. Drug and alcohol abuse in the family home is an obvious problem. But inappropriate sexual behavior around or with children may just be considered “normal” within the family. Abusive behavior may even be hidden by well-meaning adults who just want to keep peace in the family.

Parents are the Primary Stakeholders

Most parents deeply love their children and often make many personal sacrifices to protect them and provide for them. Parents know best what their children need, and should always be considered the ultimate authority and primary stakeholder in their children’s upbringing, education and medical decisions. Parents have the right and the duty to teach their children their religious traditions and the moral rules that will help the children be better people.

Unfortunately, there is a deeply disturbing push by progressives to expose children to highly age-inappropriate sexual ideas and materials as well as to undermine parents’ authority. In Washington state, our majority-Democrat legislature has passed laws to require insurance companies to provide outpatient care to minors as well as other laws which undermine parental authority throughout Washington state’s healthcare and educational system.

The Drive to Normalize Pedophilia

In a recent Twitter thread, author John Hayward points out “The drive to normalize pedophilia, dovetailing with the longstanding left-wing push to sexualize children to separate them from parents, is one of the biggest, best-funded, and most aggressive culture war offensives to date.” He continues, “Sexualizing children is important to the Left because it separates them from their parents. As we've finally been discovering...sexual indoctrinators in schools almost invariably tell the kids NOT to talk with their parents.”

And in fact, a school “privacy” policy may be coming soon to a Washington public school near you. Parents in the Central Valley School District (CVSD) in Liberty Lake, Washington, near Spokane, recently realized their school had a policy that permitted administrators and teachers to hide a student's preferred pronouns from family if the student requested privacy. Parents who believe that they are the primary stakeholders in their children’s lives need to become involved in their students’ education and become familiar with the school district policies.

Some gay rights activists, like Gays against Groomers are appalled that their movement is being used to sexualize children. Others are working to make sure that pedophilia does not get included in the LGBTQ+ alphabet soup of gender identities. Unfortunately, “it's the ‘Gay Allies’ who seem most invested in associating pedophilia with gays, insisting that anytime you object to pedophilia, you're ‘attacking gays.’”

Why would “normal” and “traditional” behaviors be under attack?

In John Hayward’s important Twitter thread, he points out why parents and families are under attack: “...You can understand this agenda by considering the factors that contribute to healthy society and robust growth—stable families with multiple children, which in turn requires solid marriages at relatively young ages… What the hard Left hates about that recipe for healthy society is that it breeds independence from the State, with wealth and tradition passed down through generations. Robust families build strong communities, diminishing State power and refuting collectivist ideologies.”

“Among those codes and customs are the way we treat children in a healthy society. We protect their innocence and prepare them for adult life by passing down traditions and wisdom. Childhood is so important precisely because it must end. It matters a great deal how and when.”

Taken as a whole, every action from the political left is pushing our society away from individual liberties as defined in our constitution and towards a Marxist/communist state with complete dependence on “Big Daddy Government.” The destruction of families via the inappropriate sexualization of children is just one part of the Marxist agenda.

Antidote: Celebrate Families and Create a Healthy Society

It’s possible to transform after a childhood of abuse. Society’s role should be to support parents rather than try to take on the parent’s role. Dysfunctional patterns of behavior can take years of personal work to overcome, but redemption, salvation and mental health transformation IS possible. Fortunately, we can learn to take responsibility for our thoughts, deeds, and actions and create new healthy patterns of behavior that will benefit our family and the greater community.

What we focus on expands. It’s time for moral and decent people of all races and faiths to work together to create a new Age of Enlightenment which adheres to the highest moral and ethical principals and which teaches literature, math, science, reason, logic, and the rule of law. It’s time to insist that our public education system focus on basic education, and allow parents to provide a strong moral education.

This new enlightenment movement can and should transcend political parties, and instead focus on celebrating healthy families and the innate value of every individual man, woman, and child. Through our united loving and positive efforts we will create a stronger and healthier society and a new age of prosperity throughout our great nation and the world.

Nancy Churchill is a writer and marketing consultant in rural eastern Washington State, and the state committeewoman for the Ferry County Republican Party. She may be reached at The opinions expressed in Dangerous Rhetoric are her own.


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