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  • Nancy Churchill

The Information War

By Guest Columnist Nancy Churchill

From the beginning of this country, the American people made a collective decision that education was important. Today, we have an educational system that provides a good education to the majority of our citizens. Most of us are generally well educated. We know how to read and research. We understand scientific theory. We understand basic math.

The cell phone and World Wide Web have created an information revolution. Today, we have instant access to almost all information available in the world. Everyday, normal people can now easily fact check our political experts and scientific authorities.

Using the power of the internet, we can see that the authorities and experts we trusted with our health, economic welfare and safety are lying to us for their own personal and political gain. They manipulate scientific data and suppress any scientific data that might dispute the narrative that they are pushing.

We can also see that the big tech corporations, news media and the entertainment industry are colluding with these authorities to manipulate the information we can see, and to silence and suppress alternative points of view. Censorship, which used to be only found in communist and totalitarian countries, is now obvious in social media, news media, universities, and even scientific journals.

Fortunately, some of the suppressed information is leaking out, being shared, discussed and disseminated. The truth will eventually come out. Everyday people understand scientific theory and research enough to know that what we can observe with our own eyes is backed up by science that has been suppressed.

Using basic science, we know masks don’t work because virus particles are so small. We know that the surgical masks are NOT certified to stop viruses. In addition, there’s plenty of scientific data that shows that wearing masks actually cause harm, especially to children. So if masks don’t stop a virus and obviously hurt when worn too long… Why are we being forced to wear them? Psychologically, masks create fear – is that why? They want us to be afraid.

According to the Gutenburg Covid 19 study in Mainz, Germany (, 42% of study participants had covid, but didn’t know it. This means the mortality rate from the virus is even lower than previously thought. Authorities tried to suppress this, but the truth is slowly coming out. There was no pandemic. I’m not saying COVID isn’t a serious disease, and I’m not saying it should be taken lightly. It’s dangerous, just like the flu and pneumonia can be dangerous, especially to the old and the frail. We’re lucky to have treatments that work. But we don’t shut down our economies and give up our freedoms for the flu!

The so-called “pandemic” was fabricated using faked research, and the fake news media was used to scare everyone silly. They used our fear to steal our liberties and destroy our businesses. Now the unknown enemy is silencing everyone who dares suggest this. They want to keep us afraid and obedient while the Biden administration develops plans to go door-to-door to “suggest” people take the not-a-vaccine for the not-a-pandemic.

The mRNA jab is NOT a vaccine. The world is being subjected to the biggest genetic manipulation experiment in history. There are more deaths and injuries from this shot than have ever been allowed in the history of vaccinations, but that’s not stopping them. According to recently released Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System data (, at least 4,328 people have died in the U.S. after receiving a mRNA injection! That’s outrageous! Do you realize that other promising vaccinations were pulled after fewer than 20 deaths? But authorities continue to push this experimental shot to younger and younger age groups. Why? To what purpose?

I have the same fine American education that you have. I can see that authority, influence, and data manipulation are being used to wage a new kind of war against us, our families, our country, our constitution, our freedom and our economy. They are using an old, old weapon: propaganda. Those institutions we once trusted are lying to us. Who benefits by destroying America? We are in an information war. The enemy is the master of lies. Here’s our rules of engagement: Keep the peace, ask questions, follow the rule of law, get involved in local politics, boldly speak the truth, and “never never never give up”. Together we will restore American greatness and save America. The best is yet to come.

Nancy Churchill is the state committeewoman for the Ferry County Republican Party. She may be reached at The opinions expressed in Dangerous Rhetoric are her own.


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