• Wes Cormier

Tie Breaker Oops: Mayor Schave

Mayors are generally referred to as the executive or administrative branch of local government. They make administrative decisions on a day-to-day basis with city staff. The City of Aberdeen is considered a first class city and is governed by their charter and RCW 35.22.

A council can pass both legislative and executive decisions within the scope of the City Charter. Appointments by the Mayor must still be approved by the council.

If, at any time the city council is at an impasse, the Mayor will act as the tie breaking vote. Mayor Schave recently had this rare opportunity. He broke a tie for the appointment of a City Council position. Ward 4 Position 7 was vacated by Marissa Aube not a year into her first term.

I reached out to Mayor Pete Schave two weeks ago (09/15/22) and asked about his recent vote. Unfortunately, he has still not responded. I wanted to know his thought process on the slate for appointment and if he personally knows the person he chose.

In the first vote, Antara Croft received the most votes (5) while Stan Sidor received the second (4) and Matthew Maurer received the third most (1). This however was not a majority, so a vote was taken again ending in a tie. Antara Croft received (5) and Stan Sidor received (5). Council member John Maki was excused for his absence at the council meeting.

Mayor Schave's tie-breaking vote went to Stan Sidor. It would have been wise to table the vote for the next meeting so that a thorough consideration was given. It was very clear that Mayor Schave was not prepared to make the decision, his response is telling during the meeting.

Not even a year ago, candidate Antara Croft ran for this position and won the Primary.

Primary results:

Antara's luck changed in the General election. She lost the election by less than 50 votes to Marissa Aube. Stan Sidor and Matthew Maurer were not on the ballot.

General Election results:

It was unfortunately a rushed decision and from this armchair-quarter backs seat, it was an easy pick by any person paying attention with one foot into local politics. Antara Croft should be sitting on the city council.


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