• Wes Cormier

"Trans" Aberdeen Council Member Confronts Business Owner

Aberdeen Council Member that identifies as "trans" recently confronted a business owner in Aberdeen about a sign in front of the owner's store.

The sign says "If you are born with a D***, you are NOT a Chick." The council member decided to confront the owner inside his business and brought a person to record it.

Both the council member and the store owner use expletives in their confrontation.

Warning: The video below contains strong words and content. The video posted is the beginning of the confrontation, there is a Part I and Part II online).

Americans right to free speech wasn't created to protect common speech that we use everyday. It was not meant to protect popular opinions. That doesn't need protected.

Free speech is about protecting language that makes us feel uncomfortable and uneasy. It protects an individual's words legally against the "wokeness" mob or cancel culture. It protects those that speak up against popular opinion, the majority, or against government policing of our words.

Though the result of speech can lead to crimes like perjury, insider trading, defamation and threats of violence. Speech itself, is not violence.

“I don’t agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” ~ Voltaire*


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