• Nancy Churchill

Why you must vote your values

The ideas I’m discussing in this opinion are inspired by a presentation by Charlie Kirk as part of the Turning Point USA Free America Tour. I attended this event live in Spokane on October 29th. You can watch that presentation on Rumble at The presentation starts at around 18 minutes into the livestream recording.

These ideas will help us make sense of the chaotic events we see happening in our society, our country and the world. We can start to understand the chaos all around us when we understand that are in the middle of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, which is a spiritual battle of Good versus Evil.

To reset something, first you have to break it.

We’re living through the intentional breaking of the Unites States of America. The goals of the WEF mirror the story of Babel in Genesis 11: they are challenging God’s authority. Because it’s a spiritual battle, people of faith have to lead the charge against the Great Reset.

The good news is that the resistance of the American people has the leaders of the WEF completely confused. They thought they could use technology to lie to us, isolate us and demoralize us. They don’t understand why parents are standing up to fight for their children in school board meetings, why medical doctors are fearlessly sacrificing successful careers to fight against medical tyranny, and why truck drivers and people in the “muscular economy” are fighting for energy independence and American industry. They don’t understand the drive and creativity of American patriots who have created new technology platforms and services after massive censorship and de-platforming. American patriots have created new music and movie production pathways, new media companies, new social media sites, and even new banking companies for the un-banked.

The Four Steps of Neo-Marxism

The four steps of the WEF Neo-Marxist plan to reset society are tolerance, acceptance, celebration and participation. First we are asked to tolerate ideas that go against our values, like censorship or medical lockdowns. Next, we are asked to accept the idea, like we were asked to accept gay marriage or a “right” to abortion. Just accept it – don’t be such a bigot. Third, the demand is made that we celebrate it. Where’s your gay pride flag or your “vax up” bumper sticker? You must SAY the words and celebrate the idea. Finally, Neo-Marxists demand participation. You will be “canceled” if you fail to fall in line and participate in pride parades and vaccine events. You will be fired, or de-banked, or locked out of your social media.

You can see these ideas being used to Reset our society in every dimension. Bodily autonomy and personal choice was sacrificed to medical tyranny of lockdowns, mandates, and scientific censorship – which still continues to this day. The open borders policy is being used to break down our local communities with overwhelming levels of poor, needy people who need shelter, food, and work. Just tolerate it, just accept it, just celebrate it… don’t be an anti-migrant hater.

Consider the destruction of our economy by destroying our energy independence. The fake science of “global warming” demands that we tolerate unsightly windmills and solar farms, accept higher taxes and dead migrating birds, and celebrate laws that mandate the use of electric vehicles. Whats the last step? Participate in the EV revolution or walk.

The family has been under attack since the introduction of no fault divorce and gay marriage. Just tolerate homosexuality – they’re not hurting you! The next demand was to accept gay marriage or be called homophobe! Finally, we must celebrate gay pride – today that lifestyle has parades and a whole month dedicated to it. Finally, we are required participate by allowing public school children to be indoctrinated into the gay and transgender “family” in school.

Once you see the Neo-marxist goal is to destroy American values and society using these steps, then the events in our newspapers begin to make sense. It’s ALL the Great Reset. We’re at war, but its a war of values and ideas.

I encourage you to be the light in the darkness and do your part to push back against the Great Reset. Be sure to vote your values on Election Day, and deliver your ballot in person to a drop box or the auditor’s office. DO NOT use the US Mail if you vote on election day.

Nancy Churchill is the state committeewoman for the Ferry County Republican Party. She may be reached at The opinions expressed in Dangerous Rhetoric are her own.

Sources: TPUSA Faith presents Free America Tour with Charlie Kirk at Valley Assembly Church, Rumble, 10/29/22