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  • Nancy Churchill

You are the Leader We Need!

By Guest Columnist Nancy Churchill

Why are you not yet involved in politics? I know you’re busy. You’re working, you’re taking care of your aging parents, you’re raising your children. You work long hours. You just want to live your life and maybe have a little fun, too. You just want to be left alone. You want to elect other people to take on the headache of running the city, managing the county and making important state and national policies. “I’m tired. I’m busy. I’m just one person, I can’t change anything.”

I understand. I’ve been there. Everybody hates politics. But, they’re coming for you. Now, it should be obvious to you that we are under attack. You can see America the beautiful being dismantled and destroyed right before your eyes.

Wake up. You have everything to lose. Destructive policies destroy entire sectors of the economy, ship jobs out of the country, create dependence on imported goods and create massive inflation all while increasing taxes. Your job. Your home. Your ability to travel freely. Your health. Your safety. It’s all at stake.

Our democracy is being replaced by a dictatorship, and it’s happening at lightning speed.

What about the food you put in your body? The Biden Administration wants to limit the amount of red meat you can eat. Red meat? Beef is what’s for dinner, right? Not anymore! They claim that this sacrifice will save the environment. But consider that a malnourished population is easy to control.

Here in Washington state, there is no limit to the tax burden the ruling party will place on you. While you were too busy to pay attention to politics, here are a few of the taxes that were passed by the Democratic majority in Olympia this session.

A tax on capital gains. You know that investment you made so you could afford to retire? Olympia wants a cut, and they think they need it more than you or your family do. Cough it up, sucker.

Then there’s fuel taxes. A low-carbon fuel standard creates a tax on every gallon of fuel you purchase. And on top of that another tax on fuel, for the environment. And then another. Total increases in taxes at the pump may be as high as $2.50 PER GALLON. Do the math. Multiply the increased cost per fill-up by the number of times you fill your tank each payday. Soon, you’re going to have to choose between eating and driving to work!

Wake up. Our constitution says ALL POWER RESIDES IN THE PEOPLE. That’s you. Stop giving your power away. Stop ignoring politics. Join a group that aligns with your interests. Learn how to be an effective activist. Run for office.

We The People working together can win this war. There’s so much to do, so many fronts, so many little battles. You don’t have to do much—30 minutes a day would help. Your interests, skills and abilities are needed. And because this is an all-volunteer effort, you have to self-organize, figure out how you can join the battle and make a small sacrifice of your time, energy and attention.

The payday is freedom. The payday is the continuation of the United States of America. But if you don’t get involved in politics our country will be lost. This may be the most important sacrifice you can make for your children’s future. You are the leader we need.

Nancy Churchill is the state committeewoman for the Ferry County Republican Party. She may be reached at The opinions expressed in Dangerous Rhetoric are her own.


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